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What can I do with a MyRightmove account?

Below is what can be managed in your "MyRightmove" account:

Alerts & Searches

This is where you can see which searches you have decided to receive emails about with new and reduced properties on the market. You can change how often you receive email alerts to either, instantly, daily, every 3 days or every 7 days. If you want to stop receiving email alerts, you can do this too by clicking the red ‘x’ on each alert you have created. If you have saved a search that you wanted to come back to later, it will also be within this section of your account.

Saved Properties

Want to look at that property you saved and booked a viewing for? It will be in your saved properties. On each property card advertisement, there will be a red outline of a heart. If you click the heart, it will save the property to your My Rightmove account. You can also do this when looking at the full details of the property after clicking on the property card. Make sure you are logged in to your account before doing this.

Drawn Areas

If you have spent a lot of time drawing out your perfect location to live, make sure you save it! When you have finished your drawn area, name it something that is personal to your Rightmove journey and click ‘Save area’. This option will pop up when you have connected all your points and completed your drawn area. You can also save your drawn area by clicking the ‘Save’ option at the top of your page. Once you have saved your area, you can view properties that fall within the region and even create an email alert for new and reduced properties that fall within your ideal location.

Investor News

If you are interested in receiving alerts about investment property opportunities; you can sign up for our Investor alerts and be at the front of the queue to receive the latest investment opportunities in those areas of interest to you.

My Details

If you need to change your email address or password for your account, this is the place to be.

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