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Received a suspicious email from Rightmove?

Fraudulent email addresses and web pages are designed to look legitimate but have small differences, such as including random characters in the website address link (numbers, letters or other characters such as &,%,$ or �). In some cases, the differences in the spelling of a company name can be extremely subtle, or may just include a few extra characters at the beginning.

As an example, a fraudster may try to replace the ‘i’ in ‘Rightmove’ with a ‘1’ so that the email address is talk-to-us@r1ghtmove.co.uk instead of talk-to-us@rightmove.co.uk

If you’re ever in any doubt, you can contact us at fraud@rightmove.co.uk and we will be more than happy to verify and investigate these.

If you would like some tips on what to expect when searching on Rightmove, or looking for property on other websites, please visit our Safety and Security pages, where you can also find the latest information on known property scams and how to avoid fraud.

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