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I would like to know how your School Checker works Our School Checker information is provided by a third party company called Experian, who collect and publish information from schools. If you click on the “... How often is the School Checker information updated on Rightmove? We update our School Checker information as soon as we receive the updates from Experian which is sent to us monthly. For some information like Ofsted rati... Is it possible to add schools to the School Checker? Absolutely. To have your school appear in School Checker you would need to have a profile with the Department of Education. Once your profile has been set u... How can I report incorrect information on School Checker? If you come across information on our School Checker that you think is incorrect, please let us know. We will then talk to Experian and double check the in... I would like more information on Broadband Speeds We want to help give you an idea of the potential broadband speeds you could achieve in the postcode you are searching. We do this from information we recei... How often does the broadband speed information get updated on Rightmove? We want to give you the most accurate and up to date information possible. When Comparethemarket.com have new information on broadband speeds, they send it... How can I tell you about information on Broadband Speeds that I believe is incorrect? We want to know if there is something not quite right with what we're displaying. If you notice any broadband speed information that doesn't seem q...
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