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How to register for Property Alerts

Activating property alerts couldn't be easier.

If you haven't already, sign up for a free Rightmove account. Not only will this enable you to set up property alerts, it will also mean you can:

  • Save your Draw a Search drawn areas
  • Save your favourite searches
  • Save properties so you can build a shortlist
  • Add notes to properties
  • Sync your Rightmove activity across your other devices (as long as you also sign in on those devices)
  • Use our 'Where Can I Live' search tool
  • Hide any properties that aren't relevant from your search using our 'Hide It' tool

Once your account has been created and you're signed in, simply search for the area and specifics you're looking for and then look for the 'create alert' button:

Clicking on this option will give you the choice of four different property alert frequencies to choose from:

  • Instantly (the best option if you don't want to miss out on new properties)
  • Daily
  • Every 3 days
  • Every 7 days

Simply select the frequency option that best matches your needs and click 'Create Alert' to activate.

Once alerts are set up, they are emailed to the email address you used to set up your My Rightmove account- so lookout for an email from 'autoresponder@rightmove.com'.

If you want to change the frequency of your alerts, or delete them completely, you can do so at any time from within your 'My Rightmove' account. Just go to the 'Searches and alerts' section.

Alternatively, scroll to the bottom of a property alert email that we've sent to you and follow the instructions to change your alert

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