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Mortgage Services How to start your search on Rightmove Start off by entering an area, postcode or station into the search bar on our homepage and then click the "For sale" or "To rent" button... Keyword Sort Keyword Sort allows you to personalise your search, by prioritising the features you’re keen to find in your next home and putting them right at the top of ... How to register for Property Alerts Activating property alerts couldn't be easier. If you haven't already, sign up for a free Rightmove account. Not only will this enable you to se... Sold Prices Doing a little research about what homes in your current or new area have sold for? Have a look at our Sold House Prices section to view information on home... Draw a Search Use our map tool to outline your preferred area. You can add in schools, parks, transportation links or even your local pub! Alongside your original specifi... School Checker Rightmove’s School Checker gives you access to detailed information about schools in a given area, admission criteria and academic performance reports for t... Where can I live? We’ve created a new tool to help you easily find the areas that match your budget and other preferences. All you need to do is sign in to your account and t... Do you have any tools to help me work out how much I could afford? Use our mortgage calculator to help get an idea of what you could afford, and what your repayments could look like over different terms and with different i... Valuation tool Thinking of selling your home? Enter your details into our property valuation tool and pick which local agents you’d like to get in touch with to help you p...
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