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I’m trying to find the sold price for a property I’m interested in, but it isn't showing on your Sold House Prices. Why is this?

There are a couple of reasons that this can occur.

  • It can take up to 3 months from the sale of a property and the registration of this data with HM Land Registry, to be supplied to Rightmove.
  • There are exemptions that HM Land Registry have for the provision of data under certain circumstances.

If you'd like to understand more about why a property sale price is not displayed:


  • We would firstly recommend checking the HM Land Registry or Registers of Scotland website to see if the sold price information is available there. If it is, please let us know and we will look into this further.
  • If the information is not available on their website, you can contact the HM Land Registry or Registers of Scotland directly to find out the progress of recording the information they have.


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