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Sold House Prices

Why do Rightmove store property Sold House Prices data? HM Land Registry send us sold property data monthly and any standard sale of a residential property in England in Wales, after 1995, will be added to our ... How do I remove my sold house price images? The process to remove sold house price images is at the homeowner’s request, and we must receive the following documents to show valid proof of you owning... How do I remove my record from Rightmove sold house prices? We don't remove sold prices from our website, as we want to ensure that the insight, we provide home movers are accurate and supportive; if we were to ... Why do I need to provide my ID and how long is my ID stored? We strictly require ID for the removal of sold house price images and full removals (removal of the price paid record) to prevent someone unauthorised from... Why is my sold house price record showing the wrong images? The photographs and previous listing details displayed in the Sold House Prices section of Rightmove are drawn from previous sales and lettings adverts, wh... Why is the Land Registry Sold Price information incorrect? The information in the Sold House Prices section of our site is supplied to us directly by the HM Land Registry (HMLR) and this is updated every month. The... Why are there no images? At Rightmove, we have an automated process that attempts to match sold address data from the Land Registry with Estate Agent listing data, so that website u... I’m trying to find the sold price for a property I’m interested in, but it isn't showing on your Sold House Prices. Why is this? There are a couple of reasons that this can occur. It can take up to 3 months from the sale of a property and the registration of this data with HM Land R...
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