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Rightmove Estimate calculation

The Rightmove estimate is calculated by machine learning models. These use a mixture of public data sets and Rightmove data sets to calculate an estimated market value for the property you are tracking.  


We use publicly available data such as sold prices from HM Land Registry and Registers of Scotland and Surveyor data. We use Rightmove data on search demand and listing prices on site. The machine learning models are looking at the information we have on file for the tracked property and using similar, comparable sold and for sale properties nearby to calculate an estimated figure.  


We seek to improve the accuracy of these models over time. As explained on the site, the accuracy of these models differs from area to area and property to property.  


Why does my home not have an estimate?


Currently we are trialing the launch of this feature in a limited area of the website to understand what consumers think about it.  


Initially, it is only possible to track residential properties that we have records of having sold since 1995 through the Land Registry or Registers of Scotland.  


This means we are currently unable to provide estimates for:  


A home that has never sold 

A home that has only sold before 1995  

New build properties that have not sold since 1995   

Any properties in Northern Ireland.  

Some sold properties that have been requested by users to be removed from our site  


If the feature proves popular, we plan to make it possible to track these properties in the future.   


I've since decorated, are you able to update images?


We currently display pictures from the last time the property was listed for sale or rent on Rightmove.co.uk and it is not possible currently to add new ones. This may be a feature we add in future if many people request it 


If you are concerned with the old pictures shown, we can remove the pictures from the tracked property and the site in the interim.  


Who can I speak to about my estimate, I'd like to go on the market soon?


If you plan to put your property on the market soon then you should Find a local agent for a full valuation of the property. The agent’s valuation may agree or differ from the Rightmove estimate, but it will be more accurate. This is because an agent can consider more factors than the Rightmove estimate can. You can mention to the agent the Rightmove estimate for the property when you speak with them. An agent is an expert in marketing and selling properties in your area and can bring years of experience and the most relevant market information

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