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Rightmove Estimate

Available through our Sold House Prices section of Rightmove, you can now track up to 10 properties estimates. You will need to be logged in to view your tracked properties at any time and by logging in this allows us to update your estimated property value automatically each month. This also keeps the process secure and enables you to manage the data you provide on an ongoing basis.  

Can my partner and I both track the property as 'homeowner'? 

Yes, currently any person who signs in or signs up to my Rightmove can track up to 10 properties in the sold properties section of the site that has sold since 1995, as this information is public record. 

You can both track the property as homeowner. We use this information to personalize a user’s experience of browsing our site, and it is not verified.  

Why do you need to know info on whether I have a mortgage?

This question is optional. You do not need to state whether you have a mortgage and can click the ‘prefer not to say’ option if you feel uncomfortable answering. However, providing this info does help us personalize your experience of the site better and would ensure, for example, we show you relevant information on mortgages.

What do you do with the info re my mortgage?  

Providing this info helps us to personalize your experience of the site better and would ensure, for example, we show you relevant information on mortgages. For example, if you say you have a mortgage on the property you are tracking then in future, we may show remortgage calculators or relevant financial offers.  

Who can I speak to about my estimate, I'd like to go on the market soon 

If you plan to put your property on the market soon then you should Find a local agent for a full valuation of the property. The agent’s valuation may agree or differ from the Rightmove estimate but it will be more accurate because an agent can consider more factors than the Rightmove estimate can. You can mention to the agent the Rightmove estimate for the property when you speak with them.  An agent is an expert in marketing and selling properties in your area and can bring years of experience and the most relevant market information  

Will I be contacted by estate agents by tracking properties 

No if you track a property, currently that information is not shared with agents.  

Can you remove the track my property feature? 

Currently it is not possible to remove the track my property feature from an individual sold property listing ,though this is something we may be seeking to add in future.  

If you are concerned about the accuracy of the estimate being shown you can hide your property from appearing on Rightmove’s sold prices (though you will need to provide us with ID for doing so).  Please be aware that through doing so you would lose access to your tracked property, meaning you could no longer see it or its estimated value in your My Rightmove account 

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