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Why do Rightmove store property Sold House Prices data?

HM Land Registry send us sold property data monthly and any standard sale of a residential property in England in Wales, after 1995, will be added to our Sold Price section when they provide the data to us.  This data is publicly available data that Rightmove and other brands also use on their website. There are some records from HM Land Registry, referred to as Category B or “non standard” sales. Rightmove do not display these sales on their website. For more information on these types of records, we recommend contacting the HM Land Registry directly.  

Please note the HM Land Registry only provides us with sold price data. It does not provide us data of who owns the property, therefore the information we display on this section of our site does not come under the definition of personal data in the UK GDPR.  

If a property has previously been advertised for sale or to let on Rightmove and we have images and information from that historic property advert, we will display this data alongside the sold price information from the HM Land Registry data, for the below reasons:  

  • To assist potential purchasers and tenants when forming a view about historical market trends and potential property values; 

  • To assist homeowners when researching the approximate value of their home; 

  • To enable Users to see detailed property descriptions and images of properties in areas that they may be interested in; 

  • To allow Users to see property trends that they may be interested in, such as the previous sale and sold prices of properties in their local area; and 

For Scottish properties, we obtain the sold prices of the properties from the Registers of Scotland.

If the data we are storing is personal data and you are identifiable in the images then you would need to raise this as a Right to be Forgotten request, please email dpo@rightmove.co.uk with the phrase ‘Right to be Forgotten’.   

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