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How do I remove my record from Rightmove sold house prices?

We don't remove sold prices from our website, as we want to ensure that the insight, we provide home movers are accurate and supportive; if we were to remove the sold price information on a property, then the market trends and prices for an area would not be as accurate and useful. 

Information regarding the price paid is public information and is not only visible on Rightmove, but also the HM Land Registry website and hundreds of other websites. Due to this being public data, it's something that's easily accessible online to any member of the public, free of charge. We can remove the record for you, but this will only affect Rightmove and not any other website that also has this information displayed. 

To remove the price paid record in the Sold Price section of our website, we'd need a valid proof of address from the current owner and proof of ID sent over to our dedicated inbox ID@rightmove.co.uk  


Please send an email to ID@rightmove.co.uk with the subject ‘Sold Price Record Removal’ with the below documentation and link to your property you would like to be removed and if complies we will remove them within 7 days. 

  • Title Register  
  • Title Deeds 
  • Formal written correspondence with your solicitor which shows the property was/is owned by you  


We also require one form of ID from the owner. Please note that this must match the name given on the proof of address document: 

  • Driving License 
  • Passport 

This process does not apply when a business or company is requesting the removal of a property. These requests are treated as part of a Right to be Forgotten Request which can only be requested by an individual as they are the data subject and a company/business cannot be a data subject so they would need to raise this with the Estate Agent directly. 

Please note the HM Land Registry only provide us with sold price data, it does not provide us data of who owns the property, therefore the information we display on this section of our site does not come under the definition of personal data in the UK GDPR.  

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