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Save & Return

What is Save & Return? Save & Return is a feature of our Mortgage in Principle tool. It allows you to save the progress of your application and return later to finish. You wil... How long will it be saved? The application will be saved for 90 days from the date when it was first started. Can I request for a copy of my application – mid journey and post submission? Yes, a copy of your application can be viewed from your MyRightmove account.   Can I change the number of applicants? Once an application has been started the number of applicants (i.e. single or joint) needs to be the same. You can start a new application if your circumsta... What can I change and what cannot be change? You can edit most details of your saved application. However, you will need to start a new application if the details you entered as part of the ‘check we c... At what point the application is saved? As soon as you click the save button for the first time and complete the on-screen instructions to login or create a Rightmove account.  It is then autosave... Do I need to have an account with Rightmove? Yes. Can the employees or anyone at Rightmove access my data? No - the application or data cannot be accessed by any individual within Rightmove. The stored data is encrypted and can only be accessed by you when you lo... Can I have more than 1 application at the same time? You can only have one saved application at a time. You can delete an ongoing application and start a new one.  Do I need to save each section/page of the application? No, once you have clicked the ‘save progress’ icon on a page, every other page is autosaved upon completion of that page. 
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